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About the Artist

Mitch is a human being hailing from Yonkers, NY.  He originally learned about art from his grandmother, who was an accomplished painter living in the Bronx.  

He studied art at Parson’s School of Design. After a series of unrewarding jobs in various areas of the art world, Mitch buried his palette knife into the chest of a particularly critical professor and went back to school to learn a real trade. After graduating from Lehman College in the Bronx, with a degree in Political Science, Mitch received a scholarship to Cardozo School of Law, which coincidentally is located directly across the street from Parson’s school of Design on Fifth Avenue in Greenwich Village.  Mitch became a lawyer.

After practicing law in Arizona for several years, Mitch realized most law was not a lot of fun. So he started a technology business.  When Mitch and his wife Sherri had their first child, Samuel, in 1996, Mitch sold his business and made yet another, and more dramatic career change. He became a stay-at-home dad.

One day, while playing with his two year old son, Mitch picked up some sidewalk chalk and began drawing. From that moment on, Mitch rediscovered his love of art and has been passionate about it since.

It was about this time Sherri and Mitch welcomed a second child, Lin, into their lives. Also about this time Mitch started a side business selling vintage yo-yos.  

Eventually the kids grew up, Mitch built his yo-yo business and kept  on in with his artistic pursuits.  And he continues to create, paint, and share his work.

He takes pride in having avoided all pigeon holes to date.  He hopes to never be nailed down by a definition or phrase and wishes his tombstone to read, "Here lies a human being...we think."

Shows, Awards and Accolades

I do not keep track of these things.  I find the most satisfaction in keeping my art and my focus on the here and now.  I intentionally avoid juried shows, contests and awards, as I find them distracting and conflicting with my approach to art. But mostly, I just want my work to speak for itself.

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