About the artist.

Mitch is a human being, as best we can tell, hailing from Yonkers, NY.  He originally learned about art from his grandmother, who was an accomplished painter living in the Bronx. She would take him on the subway to her shared studio space in lower Manhattan where he learned much.  He learned about color, about paint, about the dangers of the subway system in 1970s NYC.  They woudl feast on matzo and hard boiled eggs while Mitch absorbed the sights, sounds and smells of oil painting.  

Later in life he studied art part-time at Parson’s School of Design. After a series of unrewarding jobs in various areas of the art world, Mitch buried his palette knife into the chest of a particularly critical professor and went back to school to learn a real trade. After graduating from Lehman College in the Bronx, with a degree in Political Science, Mitch received a scholarship to Cardozo School of Law, which coincidentally is located directly across the street from Parson’s school of Design on Fifth Avenue in Greenwich Village.  Mitch became a lawyer, which is, in a sense, a twisted version of a corrupt artist.

After practicing law in Arizona for several years, Mitch realized most lawyers were assholes and he didn't like working with them, so he changed careers again.  This time he started a technology business.  When Mitch and his wife Sherri had their first child, Samuel, in 1996, Mitch sold his business and made yet another, and more dramatic career change. He became a stay-at-home dad.

One day, while playing with his two year old son, Mitch picked up some sidewalk chalk and began drawing. From that moment on, Mitch rediscovered his love of art and has been passionate about it since.

When Sherri and Mitch's daughter Lin joined their family, Mitch did a portrait of her that came out frickin great.  He then entered his portrait period.  However he become frustrated with commissions by people that wanted him to paint them as beautiful people, even if they were ugly as sin, either on the inside or out.  

It was about this time Mitch started a business selling yo-yos.  He named the business YoyoMitch, but by this time his son Sam was talking, and persuaded Mitch to name the business YoYoSam.  And that is the name of the business, and Sam has not stopped talking since.

So Mitch built his business abd kept  on in with his artistic pursuits.  And he continues to create, paint, and share his work.

Mitch has left his mark in cities all over the world.  The nature of the marks vary from paintings in galleries to flowing illustrations on public  bathroom walls.  

He takes pride in having avoided all pigeon holes to date.  He hopes to never be nailed down by a definition or phrase and wishes his tombstone to read, "Here lies a human being...we think."